Blueberry Jam

Our classic Blueberry Jam is sure to brighten your day! Be sure to stock up your pantry in the summer months and enjoy this delightful spread all year long…you’ll be glad you did. Feel free to use other sweeteners that … Continue reading

Triple Berry Jam

Make with strawberries, red raspberries, and blueberries. Okay to use a combination of fresh and frozen fruit if that’s what you have. Contributed by Evie Ladd. Continue reading

Fruit Cobbler Jam

Lanette Lepper adapted this recipe and then started making it with a variety of fruits. Voila! — Fruit Cobbler Jam; includes specific ideas for Cherry Cobbler & Blackberry-Nectarine Cobbler. Continue reading

WOW — Where Do I Start?

I have just finished processing my first batch with Pomona’s Petcin and it looks lovely. It is especially nice that I can try small batches before jumping in with both feet. I haven’t tasted it yet and can’t imagine how … Continue reading

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