June Giveaway!

Congratulations to our 2 winners: Chandra Meyers and Melissa Schulman! Happy Jamming!

Click here for the new Nectarine-Cherry Jam recipe created specially for this Giveaway…

Summer is almost here and we’ve partnered with Fillmore Container to bring you our June Giveaway! On June 19th we will pick two lucky winners and we will share our newest summer recipe with you all.

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55 thoughts on “June Giveaway!

  1. Hellooooooo!!!!!!! I just learned how to make jelly. I am 60!! My precious Mom was a jelly maker. I tried, but I always ended up with either syrup or a very pretty, wonderful smelling but impossible-to-get-out-of-the-jar dried shellac looking glob. Moms’ always turned out. (She could make anything except pie crust)
    I had never seen nor heard of Pomonas Pectin until the day I made my first batch of jelly, Jalapeno-Serrano, last week. I had googled that recipe, and was so thrilled with it, I started googling others, and many of the recipes called for Pomonas. Hmm, says I, I need to try Pomonas! Perhaps I will win…….(smile!)

  2. I use Pomona’s Pectin when making hot pepper jelly and and blueberry/cherry jelly. Now the blueberry/cherry tastes like blueberry/cherry jelly and not like sugar flavored blueberries and cherries. It makes a big difference. Love the Pomona’s Pectin.

  3. Not on facebook. Can I/we enter by email? Please don’t forget us!
    I use Pomona’s to enjoy jam with little or now sugar for health reasons. I enjoy the taste of the fruit, not the overly sugary sweetness with sugar.

  4. I love experimenting with different recipes with Pomona’s pectin. The results are healthier and taste delicious.

  5. Can we enter without Facebook?
    I love the way the flavors shine through without all of that sugar, you can really taste the fruit!

  6. Last Saturday I made cherry port preserves using only 1/2 cup honey for sweetener. I pulsed the pitted cherries for just a few seconds in the food processor. It turned out beautifully. The recipe is found on page 117 in Pomona’s Cookbook. It made 3 pint jars. I keep thinking how yummy it would taste on vanilla ice cream!

  7. I purchased Pomona’s pectin – but have not used it yet – will be doing so shortly – excited when I read of all people are doing with it – I know it will be different from the way I have made jams, etc over the years – but really want to use this product!

  8. Love your pectin!! It’s the only one I use & my jams & jellies that I sell at a local farmers market are a big hit!!

  9. How perfect! I’m off to pick wild sand plums after it cools down this evening! They are early this year and I have made one run of jelly already! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this sweeps!

  10. I absolutely LOVE Pomona’s pectin. It is so flexible: use a little sugar or a lot, or even none!! No other product does that.

  11. Last year was the first year I tried Pomona Pectin. Well my goodness, I’m hooked! I even made a nice mint jelly from my garsen mint for Christmas gift baskets. I’ll be making more items this year.

  12. Pomona Pectin is the best. We use about 5 lbs. every summer for jams made on the farm for sale at Farmers’ Markets. The Low Sugar varieties have become very popular. Thank you for the recipes also.

  13. Hi Pomonas:
    I am not a Facebook faceook subscriber. How do I enter the Giveaway in the old Fashioned way.?
    Thank you, Jan

  14. Using Pomona Pectin lets the taste of the fruit come through. I also like the use of less sugar with this product

  15. I have been using Pomona pectin for about 8 years now and it is the best pectin I have used for making jams and jellies..would not switch back to another brand.

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