I use Pomona’s Pectin as a gluten replacer . . .

I just wanted to tell you I love your product! But I’ve never made jam with it. Rather, I use Pomona’s Pectin as a gluten replacer in my homemade gluten-free pie crust — and it’s so good everyone at Thanksgiving raved about my pie. I was looking for a way to reduce use of xanthan gum in gluten-free baking. I tried pysllium husk, chia seeds, and flax seed with poor results. I then decided to try pectin.

Pomona’s Pectin allowed me to greatly reduce the xanthan gum in the recipe to a mere 1/8 teaspoon. I’m hoping with more tweaking I’ll be able to eliminate the xanthan gum in my pie crust altogether.

Pomona’s has worked so well in my pie crust, I’m going to try it in other gluten-free baked goods.

I found not all pectin is created equal. Yesterday I made a batch of pie crust using Sure Jell (the only brand at that particular grocery store). While the crust is delicious, the dough cracked and tore as I rolled it out. I’ve never had that problem with my Pomona’s Pectin crust.

Cate Gallagher
Rutherford, CA
December 7, 2016

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