From now on, Pomona’s Pectin is the only one I’ll buy.

Oh my! I must tell you how much I love your pectin. I’m 64, been preserving food since I was old enough to snap beans. Until I joined the FB group, Safe Canning by the Book on Debbie’s Porch I’d never heard of Pomona’s Pectin.

I had strawberries to make jam and had bought the “regular” pectin but decided to try Pomona’s. I bought two packages. Mind you I’d bought enough regular pectin to do all my jams and jellies. But the thought of using little or no sugar was good.

Needless to say, my strawberry jam was great. I then made pineapple jam, yummy! I Bought 25 pounds of peaches and made peach jam which I can eat alone!! When the Peach Truck came around again I bought 75 pounds! No, not all was jam, made some pie filling and just peaches as well. So I’m going to give away my other pectin. From now on, yours is the only one I’ll buy.

I’ve now added sour cherry preserves to the mix. My husband said it is the best jam he’s ever eaten. It is so nice to make healthy food for my family. My stepdaughter took some of the peach and cherry to her husband’s family’s family reunion and I guess they were a big hit. All those accolades and so very easy to make.

Ernestine Byrne
Moraine, Ohio
August 8, 2016

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