The Jam (S)Pot: Jammin’ with Marguerite — Building a Successful Jam-Making Business

Marguerite selling her jam at the farmer's market.

Sampling and selling jam at the farmer’s market.

“Jam making is a lost art that has become my passion,” says Marguerite Riker of Jammin’ with Marguerite.

“All recipes are mine or handed down from my great grandmother. What makes my product stand out is that I’m the only one who has a hand in what goes into each batch and the preparation. Since I use the finest ingredients, very little sugar, and no preservatives, my jams are a natural accompaniment to everything from a simple breakfast bread to your favorite seafood or savory entree.”

“It’s been a little over three years since I started my business and I’ve had so much fun developing new and unique flavors. I’ve enjoyed the experience and take pride in being able to pick most of the fruit used in every batch of my gourmet jams and jellies.”

Some of Marguerite's jars of jam

Some of Marguerite’s jars of jam

“As my business continues to grow I will have to hire additional people to help. For right now I do everything solely by myself starting with picking and or purchasing the fruit from local farms or buying from local farmer’s markets to making my product. This way I can be in control of every ingredient that goes into each batch making sure that nothing is compromised. All of the herbs and heirloom tomatoes used are from my own 7.5 acre farm in Holland, Michigan.”

Marguerite started out using regular pectin, but then learned about Pomona’s Pectin at her local health food store. She says, “Now I wouldn’t use anything else and I recommend your product to many other men and women who have my passion. Pomona’s Pectin is one of the main reasons that my products have a perfect set, perfect sweetness, and vivid color.”

If you’re thinking of starting a jam-making business yourself, Marguerite has some helpful words of wisdom to share with you: “My advice is don’t compromise on product, don’t give up, write down every recipe, every time you make it, and make sure you don’t leave anything out when jotting down what you used each time. Label and date each jar so that you know which recipe you used. When a recipe is obsolete, remove it from your recipe file; it will just confuse you.”

Marguerite's Spicy Chipotle Drizzle over salmon

Marguerite’s Spicy Chipotle Drizzle over salmon

Marguerite looks forward to what the future will bring for her jammin’ business. She says, “Being able to share what I have made from the heart and watch people enjoy it is such a great feeling.”

An on that note, Marguerite shared with us one of her most favorite and very popular blueberry recipes: Blueberry Vanilla Lavender Preserves.

Read more about Marguerite’s passion for jam making and how that passion developed here.

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