Jam Notes: Sauces to Celebrate a Big Birthday!

By Mary Lou Sumberg

 ice Cream with limoncello sauce

Ice Cream with Limoncello Sauce
Photo by Paul Rooney

Paul, my husband and Pomona’s business partner, just had a Big Birthday. We decided to celebrate by getting sauced — low-sweetener fruit sauced that is!

We invited some friends over for a tasting party — cake, ice cream, and 8 different low-sweetener fruit sauces made with Pomona’s Pectin. They were so good, everyone wanted to to take some home. Luckily, we had plenty to share.

The inspiration to make fruit sauces came from a Pomona’s customer who told me about sauces she makes for her husband’s ice cream — Blackberry Marsala Sauce, Ginger Peach sauce, Strawberry Sauce, punched up with a little Strawberry Pucker, and more. So I made sauces from our Plum Special Jam recipe and from our Pineapple-Strawberry Jam recipe, among others.

The sad part of the story — we were so excited about the sauces and the birthday, we forgot to take pictures. Sigh . . .  But then we took a few with the leftovers.

plum special sauce

Sauce from Plum Special Jam recipe
Photo by Raphael Spies

If you like to try new things — try some Fruit Sauces and Fruit Syrups! Your family will love them.

Learn the differences between Jam, Jelly, Syrup, and Sauce here.

For you reading pleasure, check out Gina Barber’s fun and funny story: “The Mystery of the Disappearing Syrup.”

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