Jam Notes: Organic Soup Kitchen Creates a Healthy Community

Organic Soup Kitchen logoBy Mary Lou Sumberg

Organic Soup Kitchen (OSK) in Santa Barbara, California, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing organic, nutritious, wholesome food, mostly soups, to cancer survivors and those with degenerative diseases. Their mission: Create a healthier community.

What does this have to do with Pomona’s Pectin? OSK also makes a pudding called “Chia Delight.” Their clients love to eat this pudding as a dessert, but it’s much more than a sweet dessert; it’s a nutrient-dense food and excellent source of healing for anyone dealing with an illness.

container of chia delight pudding

Chia Delight was formulated to be an immune system support and improve the digestive system, using ingredients like coconut milk and medium-chain triglycerides (to fight bacterial infection and viruses), pectin as a toxin absorber, chia seeds to increase energy, flax seed for the intestinal tract, and organic unfiltered apple juice for a healthy colon and as a sweetness enhancer. And their customers love it.

A Social Business


Pots of soup

OSK is different from other non-profits: their innovative vision is to be a “social business.” They work on creating positive change within the community while pursuing financial, economic, and environmental sustainability. For example, OSK pursues financial sustainability by generating a surplus that can be used for expansion, improvement, and diversification, while minimizing dependency on grants and donations. In addition, they work closely with local, organic farmers and local retailers of natural, healthy, organic food.

We at Pomona’s say: More Power to Them! What a great mission they have. And it doesn’t stop there. OSK is working on passing their model on to other communities so they can also create a healthier community.

group making soup

Want to Get Involved?

If you live in Santa Barbara and would like to get involved, click here to go to the OSK website volunteer page. If you live anywhere and would like to make a donation to OSK (money or in-kind), click here to go to the OSK website donation page. Donations are 100% tax deductible. You can also give a call: (805) 284-3552.

Andrea Slaby-Carroccio, COOIf you’re interested in building something similar to OSK in your community, Andrea Slaby-Carroccio, COO of OSK has this advice:

“You must have a passion for what you do and enjoy it, because it’s not about the money. We work very hard and long hours – if we didn’t enjoy it – it would be challenging. We love to cook and educate individuals on how to eat healthy and incorporate it into their life. Running and starting a non-profit is very difficult – I’d recommend you interview or volunteer with another non-profit that is in alignment with what you would want to do to see the overall challenges and rewards.”

Unfortunately OSK is not at liberty to share their exact Chia Delight pudding recipe, but Andrea says: “Any chia pudding recipe you find on the internet will do – we do not add or use any sugar – we use fruit and coconut to keep it naturally sweet.”

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