May 2017 Jam Notes

CanningCraft Creates: Pineapple All-Fruit Jam

By Allison Carroll Duffy

Pineapple JamI don’t buy fresh pineapples all that often, but when I do I am always reminded of how much I love them, and how extraordinary delicious–and intensely sweet–a perfectly ripe pineapple can be.  I find that making jam with extra-sweet fruit like pineapple is particularly satisfying, as I can use very little added sweetener and still end up with amazingly sweet jam.  This pineapple jam is sweetened only with fruit sugar, and has only three ingredients–fresh pineapple, Pomona’s Universal Pectin, and unsweetened white grape juice concentrate.  And did I mention that it’s lusciously sweet?   It’s delicious swirled into yogurt, or on top of vanilla ice cream.


Read Allison’s complete blog post and get the recipe here!


We Say Goodbye;
Casey and Sara Say Hello…

By Mary Lou Sumberg

Yes, the day has finally come when the Pomona’s Partners are ready to pass our business on to a new generation.

We (Connie Sumberg, Mary Lou Sumberg, and Paul Rooney) have recently sold our small, single-product, family-owned business to Casey and Sara Wolters. Casey and Sara intend to carry on the traditions of Pomona’s Universal Pectin and bring you the same superb pectin that we’ve been selling for 30+ years.

We’ve been struggling with how to say good-bye because we will miss all of you whom we have met, in so many different ways, over the years: talking on the Jamline, your comments and questions on the website, on our Facebook page, on our Twitter feed, and your responses to articles and recipes in this newsletter.

Connie and I have enjoyed, and sometimes been challenged by, the different questions that you have asked about using our pectin. We have done our best to share our knowledge and also to expand our knowledge. We are teachers and communicators at heart, and we sincerely hope that we helped you to have greater success with Pomona’s Universal Pectin.

We have also done our best to bring you pure and reliable pectin so that you can make well-jelled jams and jellies for your families and friends with that “rich full flavor undiluted by large amounts of added sugar,” as we say on our box.

Paul has worked behind the scenes, but without him steering the ship, we would have sunk many years ago.

The three of us are ready to retire and face the changes and challenges that retirement brings! Connie will have more time for her music (she plays the upright bass in a weekly “jam” session) and for beekeeping with her partner, as well as being a Grandmother. Paul and Mary Lou are looking forward to travel in their truck camper (starting with the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia) and more time with family and friends.

We’ll continue to make the low-sweetener jam that we have come to love – and we’ll continue working with Casey and Sara as long as is needed for a smooth and well-jelled transition!

Who Are Casey and Sara Wolters?

Casey and Sara are a young couple with an 18-month-old son, Charlie. They live in Oakhurst, California, the southern Gateway to Yosemite National Park. Paul and I first met them on a trip to Yosemite in the fall of 2016 and realized that we had found the proverbial needle in the haystack. We couldn’t ask for two more perfect people to carry on Pomona’s Universal Pectin.

Casey considers himself to be a “pectin geek.” He knows just about everything there is to know about pectin and how to use it. He is also an experienced and competent business person who has been managing another family-owned pectin business for the last 7 years.

Sara is smart and competent and a customer-service oriented writer and communicator. She is already taking care of the daily orders, the Pomona’s website and Facebook page, the Jamline, and producing Jam Notes.

Casey and Sara are so excited about taking over Pomona’s Universal Pectin. We hope that you join us in wishing them the very best with their new venture.

And finally, to all of you, our very best wishes — and Happy Jamming!

5 thoughts on “May 2017 Jam Notes

  1. Dear Casey and Sara,
    Wishing you all the very best as you take over from the experienced team and continue to flourish your business as has done in the past by Connie, Mary Lou, and Paul.
    Good wishes to Charlie.
    Dr. Arun D. Padhye.
    P. S.:
    Convey my regards to Connie, Mary Lou and Paul.

    • Thanks so much Dr. Arun D. Padhye, We have had a wonderful first year+ so far! We will pass on your regards to the Worstead Crew.

  2. So sad to see you go, but i wish you all the best. Of coyrse you have built my jam business from the begining, and change is painful.

    I wish you only the best! Thank you fir all you have taught me.

    Fairywood Thicket Farm

  3. I’m so sorry to see Connie, Mary Lou, and Paul leaving, but realize that life is always changing – sometimes in wonderful exciting ways. I’ve had many conversations with both Connie and Mary Lou over the years – usually me asking questions when I’m trying to develop a new jam or jelly. They even wrote a wonder article about my farmers market jam selling:

    I look forward to working with Casey and Sara for all my pectin needs – and more questions as they arrive.

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