The Jam (S)Pot: Turkey Foot Farm Shares Tips on Creative Process

Kathryn (Kat) Crawley

Kathryn (Kat) Crawley

According to Kat Crawley owner and maker at Turkey Foot Farm in Cataldo, Idaho, her creativity with making comes from experience over the years in various food industries, especially with individuals who shared their secrets. She also watched cooking shows and wrote down key food preparation concepts.

She explains, “I have learned that using fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices makes something taste completely different than using things that come out of a box. I strive hard to taste and re-taste until I am satisfied that it is exactly right.”

Her true inspiration is to prepare what is native and grown on her farm. One of her most popular items is Salted Caramel Apple Butter. She also likes to use infusions of liquor because “it truly enhances the fruit flavors in a way that using sugar does not. Most of my products are very low sugar because I want to create things that everyone can use and that are healthier.”

jars of jam

Kat says, “Adding salt to the mix is a critical ingredient. Salt brings the fruit flavors to the surface and can change the flavor in ways that then may cause you to add or not add something else.”

“Start with the basics and stick to what is complimentary. Trial and error are going to be your best teachers. Start with small batches, write it down, and if it works, then you can make a bigger batch.”

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