The Jam (S)Pot: Jo’s Jellies — Some Like It Hot!

The place to go for your low- and no-sugar jams & jellies, in or near New Orleans, is the Gretna Farmers Market. Jo-Ann Monconduit, the owner and creator of Jo’s Jellies, is there most Saturdays from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

Jo-Ann and husband at farmers market booth

Jo-Ann Monconduit, creator of Jo’s Jellies, with her best helper and husband Rick at the Gretna Farmers’ Market

Jo’s Jellies are made from Louisiana fruits and vegetables and Jo-Ann buys as many as possible from the farmers at the market. She especially likes making hot pepper jellies – like Habanero Gold, Hell Hot Haberno, Jalapeno Jelly, and Thai Pepper Jelly – from peppers she grows herself.

She even makes a hot pepper jam from Carolina Reaper Peppers and raspberries. It’s so hot she has never been able to taste it herself! But her customers love it.

Jo-Ann with customers at the farmers' market

Jo-Ann explaining the ingredients in her Caramel Apple Jam to several customers

Jo-Ann started selling at the farmers’ market about 4 years ago with 6 different high-sugar jams. She now has 30 different kinds to choose from, and all but 5 have been converted to Pomona’s Pectin.

As she was getting more and more requests for low-sugar and sugar-free products, Jo-Ann started looking around on the internet and found so many positive comments about Pomona’s Pectin, she hurried right on over to Whole Foods Market and bought a couple of boxes.

“Oh my, this works! It works! It works! It works!” she exclaimed after her first batch. No more stirring for hours, finding the right temperature, and then keeping her fingers crossed that the jam would jell this time. With Pomona’s, she has never had a failed batch.

This link will take you to Jo-Ann’s advice if you want to make and sell jam at farmers’ markets.

This link will take you to Jo-Ann’s recipe for Pepper Jelly with Agave and Stevia.


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