Two packets came in my box of Pomona’s Pectin – what’s in them and what do I do with them?

The larger, thicker packet is tan-colored pectin powder. This packet contains 9 teaspoons of pectin on average but this average may not be exact for your packet. The smaller, thinner packet is white monocalcium phosphate powder. This packet contains at least 1/2 teaspoon of calcium but it could contain more.

The directions on the recipe sheet that comes with your box of Pomona’s Pectin tell you how to use the pectin powder – either by stirring it into the sweetener before adding it to the hot fruit mixture, or by blending it with hot liquid to make liquid pectin. Because Pomona’s is pure pectin powder, if you add it directly to the fruit, it will clump and be difficult to dissolve. The pectin must be fully dissolved to do its job of jelling the fruit.

The recipe sheet that comes with your box of Pomona’s Pectin tells you how to make calcium water with the calcium powder. The pectin’s jelling power is activated by calcium, which must be present in the fruit mixture either naturally or added by you. Each recipe tells you how much calcium water to add to your fruit.

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