Life happened and I was unable to get my jars into the boiling water bath when the jam was hot. What now?

Once your jars have cooled, it is too late to put them into a boiling water bath. Only very hot jars can be put into a boiling water bath.

You must empty the jars into a sauce pan and re-heat the jam. Since Pomona’s Pectin is thermo-reversible, heating will make the jam liquid again but when the jam thoroughly cools, it will re-jell. Bring the jam to a full boil, remove from heat, and proceed with Step 6 on our Directions for cooked jam.

Remember to wash your jars and lids and let jars stand in hot water. Be sure that the water in the water bath is boiling when you add the filled jars and be sure to add all of the jars at the same time, otherwise some of the jam may cook for too long in the water bath.

If necessary, review our post on water bath canning before proceeding.

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