I’m making a cooked jam or jelly recipe that is not approved for water bath canning & will be storing it in the refrigerator or the freezer. What should I do?

Please follow the instructions below to safely refrigerate or freeze a cooked jam or jelly made from a recipe that is not approved for water bath canning.

1. Fill room temperature plastic containers or hot glass jars to ½” of top. Wipe rims clean. Screw on lids. Let jars cool. Jam or jelly will jell when it is completely cool (12 to 24 hours).

2. If using plastic freezer containers, store jam or jelly in refrigerator or freezer once it is cool.

3. If using glass canning jars, check to see if jars have sealed once the jam or jelly is cool. If so, you want to unseal them; then put the lids and bands back on before storing in the refrigerator or freezer. You don’t want to store jam or jelly not approved for water bath canning in a sealed jar as that may create the anaerobic environment for botulism.

4. Eat refrigerated jam or jelly within 3 weeks. Eat frozen jam or jelly within 1 year. Cooked, frozen jam or jelly lasts 3 weeks once thawed.

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