I am using concentrated stevia for my sweetener in a Pomona’s cooked jam or jelly recipe. How do I get the pectin to dissolve properly and not clump?

When using concentrated stevia as the sweetener in a cooked recipe, you get the pectin to dissolve properly by making liquid pectin with boiling water or unsweetened fruit juice. Follow the directions and recipes for Cooked Jam & Jelly – Low Sugar or Honey on the recipe sheet that comes with Pomona’s Pectin. You won’t be able to follow Steps 4 & 5 (stirring the pectin into the sweetener). Substitute Steps 4 & 5 found on the other side of the recipe sheet in the upper left-hand corner for making liquid pectin and adding it to the fruit mixture.

When using concentrated stevia to add more sweetness to a jam or jelly sweetened with juice concentrate, add stevia to taste after you add the blended mixture of juice concentrate and pectin to the boiling fruit or juice in the pan.

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