Do I need to follow the directions and recipes that come with Pomona’s Pectin?

We recommend that you read and understand the directions and recipes that come with Pomona’s Pectin before you start jamming. Pomona’s is different from other pectins because it is not pre-mixed with dextrose. This means that the pectin powder is more potent and it also means you cannot add the pectin powder directly to the fruit or the pectin will clump. If you plan to develop your own recipes, it is important to follow the appropriate directions for how much pectin to use and for how to add the pectin to the fruit.

Also, Pomona’s must be dissolved in a low-sugar mixture because it cannot fully dissolve in a higher-sugar mixture. The sugar and honey ranges in our recipes give you a low-sugar mixture. Always stir the pectin into an amount of dry sweetener that is no more than ½ the amount of mashed fruit or juice. Always stir the pectin into an amount of liquid sweetener that is no more than ¼ the amount of mashed fruit or juice. Add any remaining sweetener after the pectin is dissolved.

Additionally, Pomona’s must be dispersed into enough sweetener to prevent the pectin grains from clumping together when added to the hot fruit mixture. Table 1 below gives you the minimum amounts of dry or liquid sweetener for adequately disbursing Pomona’s Pectin.

Pectin to add                          Minimum amount of sweetener required
1 teaspoon (or less)                 2 Tablespoons sugar or honey
2 teaspoons                            ¼ cup sugar or honey
3 teaspoons                             3/8 cup sugar or honey
4 teaspoons                             ½ cup sugar or honey
5 teaspoons                            5/8 cup sugar or honey
6 teaspoons                             ¾ cup sugar or honey
7 or 8 teaspoons                      1 cup sugar or honey

And finally, because Pomona’s is pure pectin, with no added acid, it is essential to add the correct amount of acid (lemon or lime juice or vinegar) for safe water-bath canning to lower acid fruits, as you will see in the recipes.

See Get Creative to read more about developing your own recipes or converting recipes written for another pectin.

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