Can I use Turbinado Sugar, Maple Sugar, Demerara, Moscavado, Coconut, or other large grain sugars when making jam or jelly with Pomona’s Pectin?

Yes you can, but because the pectin won’t mix well with the larger crystals and is therefore more likely to clump when the sugar-pectin is added to the boiling fruit or juice, you need to granulate these sugars in a food processor or blender before measuring out the amount you want.

By the way, these sugars can add a lovely warm flavor to jams & jellies.

If your pectin was stirred into a larger crystal sugar and clumped when you added it to your boiling fruit mixture, and  now you have pectin clumps in your jam and your jam didn’t jell well, visit the page on our website: My Jam or Jelly Didn’t Jell — Can I Fix It? And scroll down to the Sweetener Problems section.

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