Can I use Pomona’s Pectin to help thicken my homemade yogurt?

Yes, Pomona’s Pectin can be used to help thicken homemade yogurt. We recommend using 1 teaspoon of pectin per 1 quart of milk (see Note below). Adding calcium water is not necessary if the milk is calcium fortified or has calcium in it naturally.

When you have heated the milk to its hottest point, take a cup of the hot milk and put it in a cup for an immersion blender or in a food processor or blender. Add the appropriate amount of pectin.  It is very important to vent the lid (if there is one) to let steam out. Don’t use an enclosed blender that can’t be vented. Run the machine for a good solid minute. Lift the lid and look for undissolved clumps of pectin stuck to the sides. Push any clumps onto the milk and run the machine until there are no undissolved clumps of pectin and the milk is perfectly smooth.

Add the pectinized milk to the rest of the milk and stir to get the pectin well distributed throughout all the milk. Proceed with your yogurt recipe.

NOTE: If you are using a non-animal milk or a non-fat milk, you may need up to 2 teaspoons of pectin per quart.

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