I use Pomona’s Pectin as a gluten replacer . . .

I just wanted to tell you I love your product! But I’ve never made jam with it. Rather, I use Pomona’s Pectin as a gluten replacer in my homemade gluten-free pie crust — and it’s so good everyone at Thanksgiving raved about my pie. I was looking for a way to reduce use of xanthan gum in gluten-free baking. I tried pysllium husk, chia seeds, and flax seed with poor results. I then decided to try pectin.

Pomona’s Pectin allowed me to greatly reduce the xanthan gum in the recipe to a mere 1/8 teaspoon. I’m hoping with more tweaking I’ll be able to eliminate the xanthan gum in my pie crust altogether.

Pomona’s has worked so well in my pie crust, I’m going to try it in other gluten-free baked goods.

I found not all pectin is created equal. Yesterday I made a batch of pie crust using Sure Jell (the only brand at that particular grocery store). While the crust is delicious, the dough cracked and tore as I rolled it out. I’ve never had that problem with my Pomona’s Pectin crust.

Cate Gallagher
Rutherford, CA
December 7, 2016

Short story is that my blackberry jam turned out PERFECT!

Not to bore you, but I had a bumper crop from a maturing blackberry planting. After giving away many gallons, I thought I would see if I could make blackberry jam for the very first time in my life. Being a beekeeper, I wanted to use minimum sweetener and honey of course. I did some research and found good reports on your product.

This morning I took a deep breath and followed the instructions that come with Pomona’s Universal Pectin. Short story is that my blackberry jam turned out PERFECT! I was so happy. You deserve a pat on the back. Great product. Thank you.

Jerry Hayes
Gray Summit, Missouri
November 12, 2016

My next try I’m going to cut out even more sugar.

I am so happy I found your pectin! I love homemade blackberry jam. But I hated that the standard pectins – even the low sugar ones – require so much sugar to fruit.

I’ve looked several times on the internet for information on using less sugar, and finally I found an article about your pectin. I bought some from Amazon over the summer. And just yesterday I defrosted a couple packs of berries and tried a 10 cups berries to 3 1/2 cups sugar ratio.

It jelled up better than my last attempts with Sure Jell, which came out runny. And even with less sugar it was perfectly sweet. My next try I’m going to cut out even more sugar. I really am so happy to find this!

Karen Mathis
Rio Oso, CA
November 1, 2016

I absolutely love Pomona!

This is a batch of the RhubyRazz Jam I made for Christmas gifts. I absolutely love Pomona! I rave about it on my canning site . . . I always share your recipe links! Thank you so much Pomona!

Jars of RhubyRazz Jam

Photo by Karen Foster


Karen Foster
October 12, 2016

We have been using Pomona’s Pectin for years . . .

Our small bakery cafe in rural Alaska features as many products from our family farm as possible. In cooperation with my husband’s vegetable operation (Talkeetna Grown at Birch Creek Ranch), we make jams, jellies, and other canned and fermented vegetables for sale to farm stand customers as well as for use in the bakery.

We have been using Pomona’s Pectin for years and truly find it to the be the best product out there – not just for using less sugar, but for really showing off the amazing flavors of our Alaska grown fruits such as red currants, black currants, rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries and apples. Thank you!

Anita Golton, Owner
Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe
Talkeetna, Alaska
October 4, 2016

I do not miss all that sugar . . .

Love Pomona’s Pectin. I’ve made peach, grape,and mango jams. I’m a diabetic and I love the fact that I do not need to use all that sugar in my jelly and jam. I love the taste of the fruit that comes out when prepared with your product. I do not miss all that sugar . . .

Laura M.
October 1, 2016

Our jams and preserves have been super delicious.

I have used Pomona’s Pectin with my neighbors the past two summers and we love it as our jams and preserves have been super delicious. Love the fact it uses less sugar!!! I just went to our local health food store (Paso Robles Health Foods) and purchased all of the ten boxes they had in stock (5 for me, and 5 for my neighbor). Thanks for making such a great pectin.

Kerin B.
Paso Robles, CA
September 28, 2016

Your pectin has opened up a new world of dessert for me.

I have very stringent dietary restrictions and couldn’t find a jello product that I could eat in preparation for a recent medical test . . . but after researching options online, I came across your pectin product. I went to Sprouts in Scottsdale, AZ, to pick it up.

Being limited to apple juice for this particular test preparation, I decided to make jello using your pectin, Martinelli’s apple cider, and lemon juice as the recipe indicates. I ate it this morning and it is out-of-this-world-good!!

There are very few desserts I can eat — your pectin has opened up a new world of dessert for me . . . I can’t wait to experiment with other flavors and fruit additions.

Thank you for making a wholesome product — it means so much to me, I can hardly express it.


Scottsdale, Arizona
August 25, 2016

I’ve made 120 jars of jam . . . and EVERY batch has jelled up just fine!!

Good Evening,
Just a note to say thank you for your TREMENDOUS product!! I’ve made 120 jars of jam already, including double batches and mixed fruits (peach/raspberry & strawberry/kiwi), and EVERY batch has jelled up just fine!! You should market it as “Pectin for Idiots” since if it worked for me . . . it will work for everyone else too! Thanks again!

Danny McKee
Head Cook, Bottle Washer, Coach & President
Asbury Park Little League
Asbury Park, New Jersey
August 24, 2016

From now on, Pomona’s Pectin is the only one I’ll buy.

Oh my! I must tell you how much I love your pectin. I’m 64, been preserving food since I was old enough to snap beans. Until I joined the FB group, Safe Canning by the Book on Debbie’s Porch I’d never heard of Pomona’s Pectin.

I had strawberries to make jam and had bought the “regular” pectin but decided to try Pomona’s. I bought two packages. Mind you I’d bought enough regular pectin to do all my jams and jellies. But the thought of using little or no sugar was good.

Needless to say, my strawberry jam was great. I then made pineapple jam, yummy! I Bought 25 pounds of peaches and made peach jam which I can eat alone!! When the Peach Truck came around again I bought 75 pounds! No, not all was jam, made some pie filling and just peaches as well. So I’m going to give away my other pectin. From now on, yours is the only one I’ll buy.

I’ve now added sour cherry preserves to the mix. My husband said it is the best jam he’s ever eaten. It is so nice to make healthy food for my family. My stepdaughter took some of the peach and cherry to her husband’s family’s family reunion and I guess they were a big hit. All those accolades and so very easy to make.

Ernestine Byrne
Moraine, Ohio
August 8, 2016

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