Where have you been all my life?

I am new to the Pomona’s family. Used to can and preserve a fair amount before but was quite unhappy with the commercially available pectins. I tried the low-sugar recipes with no pectin, and while tasty they were still too sugary for my taste and didn’t set up as much as I would have liked. So I drifted away.

We have been moving toward a totally organic way of eating now and after a good deal of research, Pomona’s kept popping up. With a Sprouts just down the road from me, I picked up a box and did the peach jam: 6 cups of peaches and 1/2 cup sugar and the results were like eating a fresh peach! Absolutely what I had hoped for.

Next on my agenda are nectarines and cantaloupe. Your cookbook arrived yesterday, so I can’t wait to see what new inspirations I am struck with. Thanks again!

Karen Tharp
Prosper, TX (Go Cowboys!)
September 2, 2015

I promise to keep spreading the word!

I have been using Pomona’s Pectin for years now and have never looked back. I love the fact that I can use many different sources for sweetening, like maple syrup and honey. Canning all summer for Christmas gift baskets for family and friends keeps me pretty busy.

Today, for my birthday, I picked fresh figs from my trees to make my honey fig jam, which is a favorite of many, tomorrow!

I love the canning jams and jelly recipe book too (Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin by Allison Carroll Duffy). Keep those unique recipes coming.

Another perk with using Pomona’s Pectin is the fact you can triple a batch if need be and also the stirring time is much shorter than using the heavy-sugar pectins.

Keep up the good work with providing this great product and I promise to keep spreading the word!

Carol Piros
Santa Paula, CA
August 13,2015

I am so happy that I found this pectin. It has made such a difference in my life!!!

I have just started using Pomona’s Pectin this summer — and so far, I love it!!! I am excited to find a pectin that I can use less sugar with from now on.

I love the way my Peach Ginger Jam turned out with a lot more peaches in it. I plan to make another batch or two this week — one batch was just not enough to share!!

I saw the recipe in the Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin book for the Chocolate Cherry Preserves, and it looks so good that I will make that one too, probably today, while cherries are still in the stores. And then many more, to come!!!

I am so happy that I found this pectin. It has made such a difference in my life!!!

Earlene Boyd
Walnut Creek, CA
July 22, 2015

I am a retired physician with borderline diabetes . . .

I am a retired physician with borderline diabetes, and the ability to produce sugar-free freezer jams and jellies is really important to me, recent research particularly implicating sugar consumption in the cause of diabetes.

In trying to make sugar-free orange marmalade, I have tried other ‘jelling’ agents such as gelatin (which doesn’t really produce the right consistency), guar gum (which produces a glue-like mixture which coats the mouth and lips unpleasantly) and cornflour (which produces a custard-like result that deteriorates badly on freezing).

Pomonas’ pectin is a great discovery for me, producing a sugar-free orange marmalade with the consistency, appearance and taste of the original item.

Many thanks and best wishes —

Dr. Richard Camp
Manton, Rutland, England
March 25, 2015

We had a crisis yesterday . . .

My mother-in-law recently returned home from a hospital stay and I’d brought over a meal to share. She asked me to get something from her freezer in the shed out back of her house.

We’d had a wind and rain storm here in Kitsap County Wednesday and evidently the breaker had tripped. I discovered her freezer was off and all the items were defrosted (albeit still cold) – including the harvest from her raspberry bushes she’d spent hours tending and picking last summer.

I knew we needed to preserve them right away, but it’s been years since I’d made jam and we’re trying to reduce our sugar – using agave and stevia instead. Anyway . . . I went online, found your site, and watched your video!

With renewed confidence, I dug out and dusted off my canning supplies, put my jars through the dishwasher, then went to the market for some Pomona’s Pectin! By 9:00 last night, my daughter and I had a dozen jars of Christmas Raspberry Jam!

My family and neighbors will be receiving the fruits of our labors, along with scone
mix . . . all thanks to you, Connie, and your wonderful Pomona’s Pectin.

Merry Christmas . . . and thank you!

Deby Berkimer
Poulsbo, Washington
December 20, 2014

I’m on a non-sugar, anti-fungal diet, but still wanted something sweet . . .

I just had to write and tell you how much I love your pectin and your recipes. I had never canned before but wanted to. My mother did some when I was real young.

I recently canned using Pomona’s Pectin and your recipe for Apple Pie Jam. I used Xylitol for sweetener and did not use the allspice because I didn’t have any. I also put it in the small 4-oz jars. Those are great as gifts, but then I started putting half in my yogurt each morning — so it won’t last long. (I’m single and I guess that’s why I used the small jars!!! lol) I’ll only use those again for something I’m not too sure about. . . .

But the jam tastes great!  And your pectin is fantastic. I’m on a non-sugar, anti-fungal diet, but still wanted something sweet — and discovered Xylitol. My continued searching brought me to your website and and I love it.

Thank you so much for your recipes. They gave me the courage to can for my first time. It was somewhat time consuming — but well worth it. I look forward to canning other foods, using Pomona’s Pectin.

Betty Squyres
El Dorado, Arkansas
November 24, 2014

Blackberry Jelly — won first place at Fall Fair!

Thanks Pomona, I made the Blackberry Jelly recipe (with 2 cups sugar) and entered it in our local Fall Fair. I won first place and everyone was raving about the pure Blackberry flavour. Thank you so much. I am a diehard Pomona user.

Nancy Essig
Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada
September 24, 2014

I love telling my friends about Pomona’s.

I love being on your mailing list. Your recipes are inspiring, and I just like your whole approach to doing business.

And I love telling my friends about Pomona’s.

Thanks for making this world a better place.

Riddle, Oregon
September 16, 2014

Some Family Pictures from Galen and Caitlin’s Wedding

Galen Summer, Connie’s son, and Caitlin Dourmashkin were married on September 6, 2014, in Northampton, Massachusetts. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from our celebration.

Galen and Caitlen relaxing in preparation for the ceremony

Galen and Caitlen relaxing in preparation for the ceremony


Connie, Piyali (Galen's stepmother), and Brian (Galen's father). Brian is also the original mastermind behind Pomona's Pectin.

Connie, Piyali (Galen’s stepmother), and Brian (Galen’s father). Brian is also the original mastermind behind Pomona’s Pectin.


All of Connie and Mary Lou's siblings attended the wedding -- 8 of us all born within 10 years of each other -- no twins!

All of Connie and Mary Lou’s siblings attended the wedding — 8 of us all born within 10 years of each other — no twins!


Galen and Caitlin with Galen's cousins on Connie's side of the family

Galen and Caitlin with Galen’s cousins on Connie’s side of the family


Making their vows

Making their vows

Your product has made our life SO much easier and more delicious.

We do love Pomona’s. We are so incredibly thankful for Alana Chernila’s book “Homemade Pantry,” which introduced us to you. Your product has made our life SO much easier and more delicious. We have a small farm and a small orchard. We make jams with our fruit and honey and that was almost impossible with ordinary grocery store pectin products. Pomona’s has been a lifesaver and a stress-reducer! THANK YOU so much for making this product and for making it available to people like me.

Peace be with you,

Hannah Larsen
Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada
September 10, 2014

Thanks to Pomona’s Pectin, I can now “can” my own jam and jelly again.

I purchased Pomona’s Pectin from our local co-op and can’t wait to try all my jams and jellies with low sugar.  I have declined to make jam for myself and my daughter because of the high quantity of sugar specified.

My daughter uses low-grade maple syrup for sweetener and I have used agave sweetener, due to low sugar requirements.

Thanks to Pomona’s Pectin I can now “can” my own jam and jelly again.  I will definitely be getting the cookbook.

JoAnn Luck-Johnson
August 27, 2014

I bought two boxes of Pomona’s Pectin and have had wonderful successes ever since.

Even though I’ve been canning for a few years, I recently took a local class on canning to see what tips I could pick up. Our instructor recommended Pomona Pectin to me when I mentioned to her that I had never been successful at getting my jams and jellies to set up. She suggested I not double or triple batches, but make one small batch at a time and use Pomona’s Pectin for successful results. I went right out and bought two boxes of Pomona’s Pectin and have had wonderful successes ever since. It’s easy to use, a usage chart is included, and with the reduced sugar levels I now taste the flavor of the fruit instead of the sugar. I never have any trouble getting my jams/jellies to set up since using Pomona’s Pectin.

I did have one problem when I forgot to mix the dry pectin in with the dry sugar and instead added it to the cooked fruit at the end. Strictly operator error, but your website and response to my phone call helped me solve that problem! Thank you for the help.

I now recommend Pomona’s Pectin to my friends. I think it’s the best pectin to use.
Thank you for a great product.

Your loyal customer,
Jackie Veats
Washington State
August 15, 2014

What to do? Make jam with Pomona’s!

With a bumper crop of berries hanging on our bushes, our freezer was soon too full to accommodate any more. What to do? Make jam with Pomona’s!

I have been a fan of this pectin since 2005 and can’t say enough about how easy it is to use and how helpful Connie has been on the Jamline when I got myself into a wee bit of a jam jam.

I’m impressed with how the website has grown to be even more informative and organized! Good job!

Carol Entin
Rehoboth, MA
August 2, 2014

I have been canning for 30 years . . .

Hi there!
I recently purchased your product at a local Sprouts store in Tucson, AZ. I have been canning for 30 years and I have never had such amazing results with strawberry preserves. Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Laura L. Coleman
Tucson, AZ
June 25, 2014

WOW — Where Do I Start?

I have just finished processing my first batch with Pomona’s Petcin and it looks lovely. It is especially nice that I can try small batches before jumping in with both feet.

I haven’t tasted it yet and can’t imagine how it can be sweet with HALF the sugar, but it is surely worth a try.

It seemed like a lot of fussing around when I first read the instructions, but as you know, it is NOT. Now I am excited to try some other jams and use up the calcium water. I have shared what little I know with others who are into ‘jams’.

The flexbility that your product gives us is unknown with other pectins and I have a feeling this will be a long and happy relationship.

The Next Day:  We had the jam this morning with our breakfast in the back yard and it was even more amazing than I had hoped for!!! It was plenty sweet enough (even for old ‘sweet tooth me’). I will actually cut the sugar down even more next time (I had used the maximum being so sure it wouldn’t be enough!) and see how that is; I am guessing I won’t even notice the difference.

I made the Blueberry-Lavender Jam (with last year’s sad looking blueberries and some organic lavender) and it blew our minds. Next it will be the Apricot-Lavender. This is definitely the best tasting jam I have ever had.

This product should revolutionize how people make jam. I was an old school cook and believed that we needed all that sugar to preserve the product and achieve gel. Boy, was I wrong! I will never look back and am now in search of someone I can offload my ‘regular pectin’ to as well as the huge bag of sugar I bought. I won’t be using very much for my yearly jam making.

This product allows us to experiment and use different sweeteners, which was NEVER possible the old way. And it is also good value for money as you can keep the calcium water for months and make more than one batch per package depending on size and type.

You have really made my day/week/month/year!

Thanks for a GREAT product — and I love the recipes and blog!!

Yours truly,

Judi Gibbs
Vancouver, BC, Canada
May 15, 2014

I am a fan for life!!!

I ordered Pomona’s Pectin online a few months ago after someone posted on another canning site that this is the only way they will make their jams and jellies because it had very little sugar. I ended up giving all my jams and jellies away because it was way too sweet for me, so yesterday I tried the pectin for the first time and made a blackberry blueberry jam and blueberry lemon jam . . . Omg I am sold for life!!

Now I wonder why I waited so long to try it. My jams now taste like fruit and not sugar . . . happy happy girl! Can’t wait for summer to try some more different flavors, and now I definitely have to order your book. Thank you for this wonderful product.

And did I mention how many attempts at jam failed? And people would say just use it as syrup. Well I didn’t want syrup; I wanted jam. I now know that I will no longer have that problem.

Sue Duncan
Orangevale, CA
February 28, 2014


Thank you for such a wonderful product, website, and the ability to ask a question AND have it answered!! Wonderful! Pomona is the only pectin I’ll use…love it.

Jana Roberts Benzon
Salt Lake City, UT
December 16, 2013

Thank you so much for offering this product.

It is nice to have a low sugar option available, that is truly low sugar! Measuring out the sugar for recipes made by other pectin companies always put me in a bad mood because I knew I was hurting my family’s health with so much sugar. I just ordered six boxes of your pectin online and can’t wait until it arrives!!!

This is the first time I will be using your product and I thoroughly enjoyed watching your 8 minute video before making the purchase. My husband and mother are thrilled about your product, as well, because they are tired of jams and jellies that are too sweet.

Keep doing what you are doing. :)

Hessy Williams
Clemson, SC
December 4, 2013

Incredible . . . is your pectin.

Incredible . . . is your pectin. No other words for it. I may add too . . . that your website is flawless . . . easy navigation, great tips, recipes that included the prickly pear jelly (which turned out perfect).

Farmer Deno
North Sacramento, CA
November 8, 2013

I made 7 – 1/2 pints and 1 full pint of the BEST EVER Concord Grape Jam!

Hello, fellow real food home cooks! I did it! I made my first-ever batch of homegrown, truly organic Concord Grape jam! With Mary Lou’s encouragement, I plunged into doubling the Concord Grape Butter – left out the spices; cause I wanted Concord Grape Jam; and Voila! I made 7 1/2 pints and 1 full pint jar of the BEST EVER Concord Grape jam! I gifted the pint jar & 3 1/2 pints to the friend who gifted me with her Concord Grapes, and kept the rest!

Everything went well. I used 3 cups of sugar for 6 pounds of grapes; and if I do it again, I will reduce the sugar by a cup…the grapes were that sweet! The jam is so good, it’s disappearing F.A.S.T.! I’ve been invited to strip all the rest of this season’s Concords off the vines, if I want to make more jam…I’m still deciding, but only because I’m in school & I have to budget my time to have time to “JAM”…Hahahah!

Thanks, Mary Lou, for a wonderful, preservative-free product that even a newbie jammer like me can use & have success with! I’m inspired to continue!

Joy Massa
Carlsbad, CA
October 17, 2013

My husband is delighted — as a diabetic, he can now enjoy good tasting jam without all the sugar.

I made raspberry-blueberry jam for the very first time using your product. I’m a long time “canner” so was used to measuring out mega amounts of sugar for my jam recipes. I was pleasantly surprised by your wonderful product. Not only was it super easy to use, but the results happened sooner than expected and I ended up with an outstanding batch of almost sugar-free jam.

My husband is delighted because, as a diabetic,  he can now enjoy good tasting jam without all the sugar. Thanks, love this product!

Christy S.
October 9, 2013

So excited about freedom in making my jams and jellies . . .

I had just finished the jamming season, making 20 different jams and jellies, using the slow cook method and commercial liquid and dry pectin. Yesterday, while at a bookstore in Montreal, Canada, I came across the book, Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin. I bought it and just now ordered your pectin product.

I am so very excited about the prospect of so much more freedom in making my jams and jellies. Not only is the reduced sugar a huge plus, the fact that I can keep a quantity of your product on hand indefinitely, without having to run to the store constantly for more boxes of pectin, is also outstanding. With boxes of pectin costing about $6 now, and sugar continuing to rise in price, your product will also cut down significantly on my costs of producing.

I was extremely impressed with the book as a whole. The recipes are wonderful, as I like making my jams and jellies slightly out of the ordinary. I found answers to many questions I had always wondered about (like whether I had to wipe warm water from the lids before placing them on the jars); and I enjoy the way the illustrations are done.

While I am sorely disappointed that I did not know about your product at the beginning of the summer, I really look forward to getting to use it soon.

Sandra Dafler
Montreal, Quebec Canada
October 7, 2013

I think we have a new addiction – the fig-balsamic jam . . .

I arrived home from the gym this morning to find that my husband had picked a small bucket of figs (more than we can eat). I pulled out my Preserving with Pomona Pectin book and made a batch of fig-balsamic jam. My husband was the one that ate the left-over peach preserves with a spoon (he also spirited away a jar to brush on his salmon while he had it on the smoker yesterday). I think we have a new addiction – the fig-balsamic jam smelled kind of wine-like when cooking (must be the balsamic vinegar). The residual heat from the cayenne pepper is just right. The jam is fabulous … I think we’ll try it on Trader Joe’s mini croissants for breakfast tomorrow.

Linda M. Smith
September 16, 2013

I FINALLY found a pectin that actually works without a ton of sugar!

After several years of canning, I FINALLY found a pectin that actually works without a ton of sugar! I’ve made four different batches of jelly today, and even doubled two of the batches, using organic, unsweetened fruit juice, and the jelly turned out beautifully each time! And I love that it keeps indefinitely too! No more wasting money if I don’t use all the pectin in one season!

Thank you for making this product. I’ll tell my canning friends (of which I have many) about Pomona’s Universal Pectin!

Judy Zullo
Centennial, CO
September 12, 2013

Dear Judy,
We are happy to hear that you found Pomona’s Pectin and that you have had good success using it.

Thank you for spreading the word about Pomona’s Pectin to your canning friends. Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth!

Connie Sumberg, Partner
Workstead Industries

You have my deepest appreciation . . .

Dear Connie, Mary Lou, and Saint Pomona!
I have been making jam for 50 years and I have to say I am DELIGHTED with your pectin. Since my (California, Sonoma County) orchard is in its third year and finally producing wildly, I have made about 50 jars of jam using your pectin. No matter what kind of fruit (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, plum, apricot, peach and raspberry) every jar is a grand success, much less sugary, thus promoting the real fruit flavor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have my deepest appreciation and best wishes for continued success. I’m spreading the word in California. I now have 3 friends who have already experienced Pomona’s Pectin and won’t go back to “the old brands.” Hooray for you and hooray for jam.

Most appreciatively. . .

Linda Heath
Sebastopol, CA
August 13, 2013

I am hooked . . .

Made strawberry/kiwi jam. First time using Pomona’s. I am hooked; you convinced me. It came out perfect. Cannot wait to try making another type. Thank you.

Josh Rowling
Brooklyn, NY
August 12, 2013

I found my husband eating the leftovers with a spoon …

I just finishing canning a batch of peach preserves, using the recipe from your new book. There was about one tablespoon left that simply would not fit in the jars. I found my husband eating the leftovers with a spoon … and he then went out and picked MORE peaches so I can can another batch tomorrow!

Love low-sugar canning; the fruit taste comes through like you’re eating a fresh peach!

Linda M. Smith
August 9, 2013

I used about half the sugar I ordinarily would use . . .

I recently used Pomona’s Universal Pectin for the first time. Congratulations and thank you for a fine product. The directions in the package were easy to understand and the video on the website was good to watch before I began. I followed the directions for making blackberry jam and it came out very tasty with a good consistency. I used about half the sugar I ordinarily would use and it was plenty sweet. I gave some to a friend and he just ate it with a spoon on the spot! Thanks again.

Carol Ginsburg
Albany, CA
August 7, 2013

Pomona’s is a winner for cost, flavor, and lower sugar content.

I’ve been using Pomona’s Pectin for at least 10 years. I like to give jam for gifts and I barter part of the cost of my flute lessons with homemade bread and jam! We used it in our canning classes at church for the last two summers.

I made a cost comparison chart showing the amount of fruit and sugar for some of the other brands of pectin. The participants were appalled to see some brands use more sugar than fruit! The apparent higher cost of Pomona’s disappears when you calculate the number of batches it makes. Pomona’s was a winner for cost, flavor, and lower sugar content.

Everyone likes my jam and says it tastes so much like fruit! I made some with the Splenda/Sugar blend and no one could tell the difference. I have taught many friends & family to make jam and I always use Pomona’s Pectin.

Marilyn Godfrey
Newburg, OR
July 22, 2013

It came out fantastic!

Thank you — I found Pomona’s at the health store at Coos Bay, Oregon, and finished my jam. It came out fantastic! Your product is great. I used very little honey and my jam tastes like Blueberries and Rhubarb not that over-sweet jam that just tastes like sugar. Very pleased with your product. Oh and the fruit didn’t separate either — another huge plus.

With Thanks
Bandon, OR
July 11, 2013

Thanks for a fabulous product.

I emailed you guys just a couple of days ago hoping to source Pomona’s locally. Your quick response directed me to 2 local retailers – YAY!! I scooted over to one yesterday and got home in time to make 1 1/2 batches of blueberry/wildflower honey jam. Today, I cleaned black and red currants, then made 1 1/2 batches of currant jam, again using honey as my sweetener.

Before making my jam, I watched your jam-making video.The process was easy, cost effective, and both jams turned out so fresh-tasting and good. I will never again go back to the “traditional pectin” products that I have used for over 30 years! Thanks for a fabulous product – I have shared your link on my FB page!!

Kerry Taylor
Westside Soapworks
Tacoma, WA
July 13, 2013

So glad we found your pectin!

We used Pomona’s Universal Pectin for the first time today. My wife and I are novices at making jam. However, after our first batch with regular pectin and tons of sugar I found it much too sweet; then we found your product. Made a batch of strawberry jam with honey. It was so easy and turned out perfect! My wife shared it with her Facebook friends who were asking about the pectin she used. So glad we found your pectin!

Jim Fullenwider
Bradford, Ontario, Canada
Pomona’s is available there at Nancy’s Nifty Nook
June 27, 2013

I LOVE your product . . .

I LOVE your product….I am relatively new to canning and Pomona’s makes it so easy and so consistently good.

The thing that really impresses me is that even though Pomona’s is expensive initially, it actually makes three or four batches, which means that it ends up costing less than “regular” pectin.

I love to promote good products, and you have a good one!

Colly Tettelbach
Salinas, CA
June 26, 2013

Can’t wait to see “Preserving with Pomona’s . . .”

Fruit Valley Preserving Group-- Vancouver, WA

Fruit Valley Preserving Group– Vancouver, WA

I pre-ordered my Preserving with Pomona’s. Can’t wait to see it and use in my classes. It is always fun to let my students try something different from just plain berry jam. Although berry jam is delicious, I like to expand their canning experience a bit. One of my favorite jams is Tomato-Strawberry Jam. My boss sometimes just shakes her head; she thinks my class experiments are odd, but once we make the jam and she tries it, she is sold. I have fun with it!

Linda Peppers, Master Food Preserver and Canning Teacher
Vancouver, WA
February 2013

Using Pomona’s for 30+ years

I just realized that I have been using Pomona’s Pectin for as long as you have been selling it (and when I could find it in my small town in BC)! So glad to see that it’s more easily available now.

Your ideas, recipes, and video are excellent and I’m happy to find you on Facebook. It’s wonderful to be able to share beautiful fresh fruit products where I control the sugar levels. Thank you.

Betty McKinnon
British Columbia, Canada
June 14, 2013

I have made a few jars of jams and jellies . .

Thank you so very much for this wonderful product.  I used the pectin for the first time last year and was and am more than pleased with the result.

I need the low sugar, hubby is diabetic, this works better than anything I have ever used. I am 83 years old so I have made a few jars of jams and jellies over the years.

Thanks again,

Patsy Lake
June 11, 2013

Thanks for your wonderful product . . .

Just a note of thanks for your wonderful product! My daughter introduced me to Pomona’s Pectin and I love it. My mom has always used Certo but the amount of sugar needed is outrageous. I want to taste “fruit” not just “sugar” in my jam. Years ago when I began to make jam on my own, I used the old-fashioned method of boiling it down but that takes a lot of time. Your product gives me the results that I want with much less effort. The video was very helpful; you can be sure I will pass on the name of Pomona to my friends. You have a great product, so let’s tell the world!

Diane Woloshyn
Vancouver, BC, Canada
April 27, 2013

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