CanningCraft Creates: Raspberry-Habanero Jam

Allison says: With lots of berries for fresh eating, and some in the freezer already, a jam seemed in order this week. I love straight-up raspberry jam, but this time I thought I’d try something a little different and add some hot pepper – habanero, to be exact. Continue reading

CanningCraft Creates: Strawberry-Banana Jam

Allison says: Bananas sound great for jam, but you might have noticed that there are not a lot of recipes out there for banana jam. The primary reason is that a straight banana jam would be too dense to safely can. Additionally, unlike most fruits, bananas are considered “low-acid,” which means Continue reading

CanningCraft Creates: Black Tea Jelly

Allison says: Use good quality loose tea leaves, not tea bags. I’ve been enjoying this jelly by the spoonful. It’s delicious slathered on toast as well – for breakfast or an afternoon snack – alongside a cup of tea, of course. Continue reading

CanningCraft Creates: Pear-Vanilla Jam

Allison says: “Autumn is putting us through our paces this year. . . . All I really care about right now is making food that’s nourishing, delicious, and simple. Fortunately, this delicious jam fits the bill perfectly. Enjoy!” Continue reading

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